Visual Literacy – Are we ALL designers?

The BEFORE Screenshots

The top of my COETAIL blog (BEFORE)
Text Heavy content of my blog

This makes me wonder whether REALLY are designers…. For me a blog seems to be more of a place for MY reflection and whether it appeals to others or not has been immaterial.

Learning From Readings:

I have not done the following for my readers:

  • varied the size of font
  • used font colors to accentuate my point
  • used contrasting colors to highlight more important points
  • Used Whitespace effectively
  • Aligned points for maximum coverage

I have been using difficult words not like the 8th grade vocabulary for general audience as recommended. Second, I have not paid attention to what catches the readers’ eye first, second, and later.

However, I have been ‘chunking’ information together/ distancing it from unrelated points or separating it it does not belong together.

What Would I Change If I Could Do Anything?

Hallelujah –

If I had a wish list then I would change almost everything that relates back to the points that I made earlier from the readings. However, as I am changing only one point on my blog then I decide to change ……

I changed images, colors, background and theme of the blog post. However, I need to still work on the tags, categories and pages for the blog post. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like now.

The AFTER Screenshots

The rest of the page looks like this with a background from a historical site in Istanbul

I had difficulty navigating my way around Word Press and I still think that I can make many improvements. It was a challenge and it was challenging to overcome it! I still have more to do with the tags, pages etc. that I will keep on working on for the rest of this course. And yes, I had to go through a tutorial on how to navigate the different controls and have a further 3 hour tutorial on an open tab that I know I have to go through to get a better grip of Word Press.

I tried out the F shaped scanning technique with a large F shaped panel on top. I think it works better for me.

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