Course 2: Week 1 Blog Post:

Among the readings, I find it amazing that all the young students in middle school and high school were able to accomplish as much as they did in the article Confronting the Challenges

of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century. However, the more sobering observation is that they accomplished this outside of school. It kind of nullifies, our role, as teachers who are supposed to teach our students new ways to think.

Provocations from the article:

My thought is that some schools and teachers who are supposed to provide an environment to let students grow and achieve in directions that they want to (learner agency) are failing. Second, this access to technology and knowledge is not accessible either across the board in the US or around the world. And, I know this as I was raised in Pakistan. Furthermore, this lack of accessibility in any lower income areas of our host countries or the US, severely limits the learning opportunities for networking, simulating, playing, negotiating and multi-tasking. How will students learn the new skills or find pathways to their interests and more efficient careers if they do not have accessibility to technology?

Thoughts about the TEDx Talk:

Similarly, in the TEDx talk by Larry Lessig it seems sinful to not be able to use what is already published on the web or being created on the web if the correct homage is given to the inventor. Case in point, is the 60 minute educational video that Lessig wanted to post on Youtube which had no audio just because there were some snippets of Warner Brothers Music. And then, to advertise to sell the same WBS being blocked on the youtube website seems too much!

For me, though the use of Creative Commons which offers a way for already published and created content to be used for different purposes. We have been having library sessions for 8th grade to acquaint them with online databases and the use of Creative Commons for richer and deeper research. It is the ability for the internet to educate others, spread knowledge that is valuable to others (I am thinking of us and students) and then distribute it through us. My main takeaway is that it prevents us from reinventing the wheel.

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