Lurker to Connector

After finishing the readings, I am reaffirmed in my belief that I am a lurker. I have always had an aversion to ‘putting myself out there’ maybe for fear of judgment or insecurities of not knowing enough. As a lurker, I agree that I have to know more or read more before I am comfortable enough to contribute. For me, it does not make sense to recreate the wheel again. However, as a lurker, I have to realize that the individualization of the lessons that I teach are not accessible to everyone and could be shared with others who may benefit from them. I also come from a very varied cultural, international background that colors all the lessons I teach.

It is sobering to realize that only 1% of internet users are actually creating new material. According to the article “What Does it Mean to Disconnect?’ about 10-15% internet users contribute to new material while only 1% creates (BBC) but everyone else just lurks. This fact bothers my conscience!

And as lurkers, we do benefit from the knowledge, methodology, unit plans and lessons posted by others. I do think that as ‘lurkers’ we should do more. I know that as a planner, teacher, and active learner I have more to contribute.

As Cofino comments, we as teachers can be the ‘real medium’ that students can find on social media within the spectrum of crazy, over the top superstars and people that they do not follow. We also have a duty to be out there on social media as our students are, to inspire them to do more and be more.

In conclusion, I know that I am not comfortable using Instagram yet (I have to work up to it although a student gave me a tutorial recently) but I can use Twitter to post what I learn and do in class and I plan to. But I am most comfortable using a blog to voice my thoughts as writing offers catharsis and a way to sound out my thoughts, which I am doing right now. I am glad that we will be blogging during this Coetail online course.

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