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I am connected to all webinars etc. from Teachers College as I attended a week-long Readers/Writers workshop at Columbia in 2014. I am also part of the school wide Learner Agency Team and will be presenting with a co-presenter at NESA spring Conference 2019 in Bangkok on my practices as an ELA and Social Studies teacher. Last, I am part of the Social Studies team that is working towards vertical alignment of the Social Studies C3 curriculum across middle school and high school in all ISG (International Schools Group) schools (Jubail International School, Dammam International School, Dhahran Elementary Middle School, and Dhahran High School).




3 thoughts on “My Communities

  1. Hi Saadia,

    Thanks for sharing the learning communities you are involved in. It sounds like you have some great professional networks available to you through your work and education. Do you have any goals to expand on your professional learning network through your COETAIL journey? I look forward to hearing more as we dig deeper into the courses.

  2. Good luck at NESA, Saadia! I love all the professional opportunities the NESA region provides.

    During your time at ISG, have you worked with Tara Waudby at all? She was a COETAILer too!

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